Starred reviews, public appearances, and beard/bicep progress.

Two starred reviews for Bad Boy

Kirkus & Booklist Starred ReviewsI’m wildly excited to announce that my forthcoming novel Bad Boy—a thriller about a trans man struggling to define his masculinity in a toxic, misogynistic world—has gotten starred reviews from both Kirkus and Booklist. Woo!

Public appearances


In 2017, I’ll be appearing at events to talk about my writing and gender transition. Details to come when they’re finalized, but you can expect to see me in Chicago in late January, and near Boston in early April.

Feel free to bring books you want signed. And be nice. I’m new at this.

Beard & bicep progress

Here’s what I look like at 8.5 months on testosterone.

Eight months on T: a beard appears! Also, voice changes.

Hello, world. I’ve been on testosterone for nearly eight months now. About time I checked in, eh?

Voice changes

Face and body changes

Bad Boy cover reveal & changes on T at 5.5 months.

Bad Boy ARCs

It’s been a big few weeks for me. First up, this box of awesomeness arrived…

#BadBoy unboxing. With lots of swearing. And happy tears.

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Those are ARCs of my first book to be published as Elliot. The feels. THE FEELS.

Here’s the Bad Boy cover in its full glory. Click to embiggen.

Bad Boy by Elliot Wake


Changes at 5.5 months on T

Here’s how my voice has changed at 5.5 months on testosterone:

And here’s how my face has changed:

pre-T vs. 5 months on T (aka "omg I've become my mom" vs. "omg I've become my dad") #WakeUpElliot

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Still got that white beanie. ;)

because @louisse_ang asked: I've still got the white beanie #WakeUpElliot

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Name change done! I’m officially Elliot.

Today was one of the best days of my life. I finalized my legal name change. Now I am officially Elliot Finley Wake.

It is so ordered. Hello world, I'm Elliot. #WakeUpElliot

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A couple bonus shots of what I wore to court:

obligatory clothing shots #WakeUpElliot

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My face at 4 months on testosterone, plus a Publishers Weekly feature.

Face changes on T

A comparison of my face pre-T vs. four months on testosterone.

black phone: pre-T / white phone: 4 months on T

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Publishers Weekly feature

This week’s Publishers Weekly features books that deal with gender themes—including my upcoming novel Bad Boy, about a transgender man and his struggle to define his identity. My narrator’s journey has many parallels to my own transition, and I channeled a lot of my hopes and fears into him. I spoke to Publishers Weekly about my writing process while taking testosterone:

Publishers Weekly - "Gender Expressions" by Ryan Joe