The Daily Dahlia (March 2015) — I talk about Black Iris, queerness, mental illness, and some details about my third book, Cam Girl.



Smut Book Club (June 2014) — The ridiculously gorgeous Kyleigh Jane talks to me about the reluctance of some YA/NA books to go all the way.

Brooke Cumberland (May 2014) — My fellow indie-pubstar Brooke Cumberland asks me the heavy questions, like, “Shoe size?” and “Fruits or vegetables?”



The Daily Dahlia (Dec 2013) — A follow-up wherein I get kinda teary-eyed and wax rhapsodic after the crazy summer success of UT.

The Flyleaf Review (Nov 2013) — My favorite (and probably best) interview of all-time. I talk about slut-shaming, sexual empowerment, and the depiction of girls in YA & NA.

Way Too Hot Books (Oct 2013) — My thoughts on teacher/student relationships.

The Daily Dahlia (Oct 2013) — Me and my fellow menace to sincerity, Dahlia Adler, talk about self-publishing, inspiration, and how the hell I wrote those ridiculous sex scenes (hint: booze. It was all booze). (Sep 2013) — A chat about nerves, taboo, and self-doubt.

Literary Lust (Aug 2013) — Silly stuff you probably don’t know about me. Plus I make fun of my own book title.

The Bookish Confections (Aug 2013) — So where did I come up with Maise? More like where did she come up with me. Also stuff about the writing process and favorite authors.